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Copyright © 2018 LI Gold Mine. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 LI Gold Mine. All rights reserved.

Buying and owning jewelry can be an exciting yet confusing journey. Is what you are buying really worth what you are paying for? Our specialists can help you with this lengthy process. LI Gold Mine offers expert appraisal services that can truly help you in the future. The only way to understand your jewelry's Insurance Replacement Value is done with this service as well! Whether you are looking to buy jewelry with us, an outside source, or just looking to know more about your most cared possessions, this service is without a doubt beneficial.

Every one of our appraisals come with all the bells and whistles:

  • Description of Characteristics
    • Weights
    • Grades
    • Measurement of Components
    • Color Grade
  • Notes on Gemstone treatment
  • Authenticity of Gemstone (Natural or Synthetic)
  • Type of Setting
  • Jewelry Value (depending on what type of appraisal is needed)
    • Cash value- value of your jewelry at today’s market rate, not at the purchase price
    • Replacement value- the amount of money the insurer will pay you according to its current market value at the time of the loss
    • Agreed value - the amount of money you and your insurer settle on that you will receive in the event of a loss.
  • A professional picture of the gemstone


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