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To determine the authenticity of all precious metals bought by LI Gold Mine, we follow standard testing procedures during all sales. These series of steps tell us what type of metal we are buying and if it is gold, how many carats that particular piece is. This will not only help us, but it will allow you to get the correct amount of compensation for your unwanted jewelry (We will only take precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond) For your convenience we have described in detail what these procedures are.

  1. First we check the color of the jewelry. Most gold will be White, Gold, Tricolor, or Rose.
  2. Second with jeweler's loupes, we look for all jewelry identification marks.
    • 8 Karat Gold: 8K or 333 (33.3% pure gold)
    • 9 Karat Gold: 9K or 375 (37.5% pure gold)
    • 10 Karat Gold: 10K or 417 (41.7% pure gold)
    • 14 Karat Gold: 14K or 585 (58.5% pure gold)
    • 18 Karat Gold: 18K or 750 (75.0% pure gold)
    • 20 Karat Gold: 20K or 800 (80.0% pure gold)
    • 22 Karat Gold: 22K or 917 (91.7% pure gold)
    • 24 Karat Gold: 24K or 999 (Pure Gold)
    • Sterling Silver: STERLING, STER, or 925 (92.5% pure silver)
    • Fine Silver: FINE or .999 (Pure Silver)
    • Platinum: PLAT, 950PT, 950 PLAT, 900PLAT 10%IRID
  3. Sometimes a piece of jewelry has no markings or stamps of any kind due to being worn off over time or never even being stamped in the first place. Many antique pieces were never marked because it did not become a standard practice in the US until the 1900's.
  4. After we have looked for marks we take the piece and put it near a rare earth magnet. If the jewelry is attracted to this magnet, it is not one of the precious metals that we accept at LI Gold Mine.
  5. Next we scratch the jewelry over a piece of black slate to see if it makes a mark. This removes a very small content of gold.
  6. If it makes the appropriate mark, we use acid solutions to verify the type of precious metal and percentage of purity in the jewelry. An average acid test kit has six test acids 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 20kt, Platinum and Silver. The gold will stay if it's real or may fade away as it will be fake or plated.

Note: Other gold karats such as 15kt and 16kt gold are not used any longer as 15kt may appear in jewelry it is truly an antique piece. Any 14kt gold is used for dental purposes only and will not appear in jewelry. Most other karats such as 8kt, 9kt, and 12kt are of lesser gold quality and are not generally desirable.

   Metal  Analysis 

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