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Here at LI Gold Mine, we give you the fastest and least painful experience as possible when it comes to battery replacement. Not only is our service convenient, it is also done while you shop or sell. As apart of the process of changing a battery, our experts contribute to increasing the longevity of the life of your watch. They inspect the parts, clean the area around the battery, and secure the back properly so applicable water resistance is maintained. 

  Battery Replacement  

Watch Repair

No matter what watch you wear, like a car, it will wear down over time. The mechanisms in your watch are simply not going to run perfect forever. At LI Gold Mine, we can preserve your watch with the help our experienced technicians. Watches are intricate, complicated machines and our technicians thrive on these intricacies. As apart of every watch repair we have a standardized process to ensure complete operation of your watch. 

  1. First, we open the case back and remove the movement.
  2. Then, we completely take apart the mechanism and replace any not working parts.
  3. We clean all parts.
  4. We carefully reassemble the movement.
  5. We then put the movement back into its case fully lubricated.
  6. Finally, we give the watch a strict visual and technical function inspection.

LI Gold Mine offers a full range of services using the above method to get your favorite timepiece up and running.

  • Watch Band Repair
  • Watch Band Replacement
  • Watch Overhauls
  • Cleaning & Inspection
  • Stem & Crown Repair
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Water Damage
  • Water Resistance Test

Watch Repair 

 and  Battery Replacement